Shipping & Return Policy


Gorgeous Gemi


Gorgeous Gemi Hair & Skin Care takes pride in assuring your products are delivered in perfect condition and on time. Please read the terms as follows... 

US shipping 3-5 business days

Holiday shipping may take 3-7 business days due to postal closings. To assure your products make your address please make your purchase two weeks in advance. 

International shipping, cost may vary depending on country, and extreme weather conditions. If our company can’t deliver you will receive a refund notice by email. Unfortunately, we are not able to deliver to Nigeria.

International shipping please allow 7 -10 business days

The US Postal Service is our shipping carrier. Rates may change.

Gorgeous Gemi will give free shipping on customers, and product orders over $100.00 plus.

Customer must fill out the shipping form completely. Gorgeous Gemi will only deliver to your address that that you have given us. If your product is stolen after delivered, we are not responsible. We will dispute and file a claim with the carrier after investigation. Purchaser has 2 business days to report lost or stolen products. We will do our very best to help you resolve the issue.   

Return Policy

All sales are final, unless the via (merchant) sales department packaged you (purchaser) the wrong products in error. If you need a Makeup Artist press - website